Six Month Anniversary of 30th Nov 2015

by | 29 Nov, 2015

Six Month Anniversary of

We are pleased to announce the official six month anniversary of Since inception, it has been an amazing experience building up the website to what it is today. Initially the focus was to build a directory of information resources about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and this still remains at the core of the website. We have collected a significant number of information resources together in one place, but realise this is an ongoing task as more and more new companies, products, software projects and tools are launched.

Our focus is to provide information for anyone interested in AI who is at any stage of expertise, from novice to professional.

While building out the directory of information resources, we realised that we can also provide different channels of information, including forum posts, tweets and video media. This then took us to provide a news aggregation service which is one of our most popular parts of the website and this allows us to stay current and up to date with the latest changes happening in the industry.

We have now also launched a number of micro-sites to focus on very specific areas of Artificial Intelligence. We have an Events website that lists all the meet-ups, events, conferences and exhibitions occurring across the world on the subject of AI and ML. This site we are very proud of as we feel it provides a really useful service to everyone interested in attending an event on AI so they can see all available events in different locations.

Another initiative we started was the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence. The site is Awards.AI and nominations are still open across ten categories for the 2015 Awards. We feel this is a significant element that was missing from the AI community and industry and we are very proud to help deliver this.

We feel the first six months have been amazing, but our ambition doesn’t stop here, we are planning on launching a number of publications in 2016 to support our endeavour to build a strong united AI community. These include the AI Times Newspaper, and a quarterly AI magazine.

We would also like to launch an annual Showcase for Artificial Intelligence products if we get enough interest from companies and startups wanting to demonstrate their technologies to the general public and the industry.

Thank you all for being part of our journey and welcome anyone who wishes to support us on our mission to build a strong united AI community.

Looking forward to see what progress we can make in the next six months, with your support I am sure it will be amazing.

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Here is some of our feedback from our community:

“Amazing!!..Explored the website and has everything for the beginners to learn”

Ruhi Garga

“Great Initiative” Beth Carey

“Thanks for being the resource that you are!” David Ray

“Thanks for your support of the @JottrAI launch” Michael Haupt

“Thankyou . As a student I always wanted this. Sharing and suggesting to people.”  Shyam Sunder Kumar

“Very Nice!” Matthew R. Versaggi

“you’re awesome” @aichannelio

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