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by | 15 May, 2016

We are pleased to announce the official first year anniversary of

Since inception, it has been an amazing experience building up the website to what it is today. Initially the focus was to build a directory of information resources about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and this still remains at the core of the website. We have collected a significant number of information resources together in one place, but realise this is an ongoing task as more and more new companies, products, software projects and tools are launched and we will endeavour to add them to our directory.

Our focus is to provide information for anyone interested in AI who is at any stage of expertise, from novice to professional. You can see our manifesto on our parent website Informed.AI.

While building out the directory of information resources, we realised that we can also provide different channels of information, including forum posts, tweets and video media. This then took us to provide a news aggregation service which is one of our most popular parts of the website and this allows us to stay current and up to date with the latest changes happening in the industry.

Our News and Magazine section of our website is one of our most popular areas, as it provide up to date information on the field, and we know that there is so much happening on a daily basis. We also have streams for forums and social media posts, which also help people keep up with the latest information. We have a video stream as well with various playlists for different topics, well worth a look.

We have now also launched a number of micro-sites to focus on very specific areas of Artificial Intelligence. So much so that we now have a group of community websites for AI grouped together under the Informed.AI network.

We have an Events website that lists all the meet-ups, events, conferences and exhibitions occurring across the world on the subject of AI and ML. This site we are very proud of as we feel it provides a really useful service to everyone interested in attending an event on AI so they can see all available events in different locations. We have three media partners that all offer discounts on events. We believe this is the best single place information on events within the AI field.

Another initiative we started was the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence. The site is Awards.AI and nominations are still open across ten categories for the 2015 Awards. We feel this is a significant element that was missing from the AI community and industry and we are very proud to help deliver this.

In 2016 we launched our magazine section on, also accessible via Magazine.AI This is a wonderful platform that allows us to consolidate all of our user submitted content. We are only just starting with this and hope to improve the format of it in the coming months.

Another site we have spun out is our Careers portal Vocation.AI. This is very new only a few weeks, but we hope this will become the leading place for companies and agents to post roles available in the data science and machine learning fields. We welcome contact from anyone that would like to support this initiative.

We are also venturing into hosting out first AI event this year. Showcase.AI will be a 2 day event in London in September. We are currently looking for speakers and attendees at the moment so if you are interested please contact us via the website

We are also planning to launch a Crowd Funding campaign later in the year to support our further growth and expansion. Watch this space for more details on this.

Without the AI community we are nothing. Once again thank you all for being part of our journey and welcome anyone who wishes to support us on our mission to build a strong united AI community. The strong community is what drives us forward and the wonderful feedback we get on a weekly basis has always been very encouraging. We look forward to see what progress we can make in the next year, with your support I am sure it will be totally amazing.

If you would like to help and get involved please contact us to discuss.

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