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by | 16 Sep, 2016

We would like to share all marketing opportunities we have on our network of AI community websites (known collectively as Informed.AI), most of which are totally free (we will indicate which ones are paid for – note we are a non-profit organisation so any funds we receive are used directly to help build out our platform to support the AI community)

Firstly, lets give you a quick overview of Informed.AI

Founded in 2015 Informed.AI consists of a network of websites about Artificial Intelligence.

The manifesto of our network is to provide an extensive list of information resources for AI, and hence be a great starting point for people wanting to learn more about the field of Artificial Intelligence. From novices who are just wanted to learn more about AI, to hobbyists looking to use the various tools and software available, to students, teachers and academics who are studying and researching the field, and finally to professional practitioners and developers who are building systems and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This is a network to support the AI community, for people of all skills and interests.

Now lets look at the opportunities available by website / area; – An information directory of AI resources and news. 

We have a number of ways on we can help promote your company / products and services;

1) Submit a News Story or Press Release

This is very easy to do, simply visit

If you have a time-sensitive press release it is worth submitting early so we can make sure we make the release go-live on the day you want the release to go out. If you have specific time requirements for this, it is also worth sending us an email at

2) Add your Company Link to our Directory

Submit your details via

Can be used for:

a) Company Listing

b) Product Information

c) Software or Tools

d) Many other Categories (over 30, please look at

3) Feature on our Spotlight

We like to publish a monthly Spotlight, this is an opportunity to do a more detailed article about your company or profile an individual.

Previous spotlights can be seen here

The format of the copy is very open, so its really whatever you would like to publish.

4) Sponsored Links (paid)

Category Pages

We have the option for a paid sponsored link on one of our directory category pages.

An example can be seen at the top of the page

Companies can pay for either a six or twelve month placement, and it will also include promotion of the company via our social media channels.


Awards.AI – The Worlds only Global Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence. 

Now in its 2nd year, has 20 categories for awards. Helps build a positive perspective of the industry and enables a platform for wider promotion of our initiative.

5) Individual Award Sponsor (paid)

This year we have 21 Awards, and are looking to secure a sponsor for each of the Awards. The sponsor will be listed as the sponsor of the given award, and will be listed on the award trophy as the sponsor.

6) Awards Sponsor (paid)

We are also looking for overall sponsors for the AI Awards. Your logo will be shown on the voting page of the awards, and will be added to all 21 awards trophies. We will also promote you as sponsor in all communications with voters and winners.


Events.AI – An easy way to find events and conferences on AI in your area. 

The largest collection of discount codes for AI and Machine Learning conferences.

If your company is organising any public meet ups or webinars we can list them on this site.

See details via


Vocation.AI – Our careers and jobs portal

7) Job Openings

Why not post job opportunities on our careers portal for free before using more expensive recruitment agents.

Its very easy to post a job at


Showcase.AI – Annual AI Exhibition (2017 UK)

Dedicated to showcase and any new developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We have a number of opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships, if you would like to know more please let us know and we will contact you with more details once the various packages are defined.


Future Opportunities

We are constantly expanding our operations and have plans to create an AI Magazine and Newspaper.

Magazine.AI – ready for when we will launch our online magazine, at the moment we have an integrated online magazine at, but eventually would have this separate and potentially both online and hardcopy. & – recognising that there is a lot of developments happening in both the UK and US, we would like to establish a trade newspaper.

In order to get these off the ground we will really need everyones support to create articles and copy to make these a success. We will reach out to you when we are closer to launch.

The Informed.AI team thank you for your interest and support in our initiative.

kind regards

Andy Pardoe

Founder of Informed.AI

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