Be part of the Informed.AI Team – Volunteers Wanted

by | 9 Sep, 2018

Informed.AI runs a number of community websites and activities supporting the knowledge sharing about the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence.

This is a community platform, run by the community, and we really need the help and support of volunteers to ensure we can continue to build the ecosystem. We welcome help in many different areas, and look to align peoples interests and skills with the areas we need help with. Why not contact us and discuss options.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please feel free to contact us 

Our network of websites include:

http://get.into.AI・Get Into AI – The home of AI information and news
http://Neurons.AI  ・The Network for AI Professionals, Practitioners, Researcher and Students.
http://Chapters.Neurons.AI ・The Neurons.AI Global Meetup Chapters
http://Awards.AI ・The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence
http://Events.AI・List of Meetups, Conferences and One Day Events with the largest collection of discount codes
http://Vocation.AI ・The Careers Portal and Jobs Board for AI

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