Celebrating Four Years of the Informed.AI Group

by | 27 May, 2019

Wow. I can not believe it has actually been four years since I launched our first AI related website.

The progress made this past 12 months has been amazing, and demonstrates the momentum we now have. Our mission remains focused on enabling people to learn more artificial intelligence, making the subject more accessible to everyone. Essentially Supporting the AI Community. 

We have for the first four years been dedicated to individuals and this still remains a key part of our audience, however, we are seeing a great need to support businesses. Our Awards was always targeted to supporting AI companies, but now we need more and more traditional businesses wanting to know more about AI. 

Over the four years, our user base has demonstrated wonderfully encouraging organic growth. We now have close to 1,000 visitors per day to our websites from every country across the world. 6,000 members are part of our Neurons professional network with 25 groups in 15 countries and this is expanding on a weekly basis, and with nearly 100,000 followers of our various social media channels, and several thousand people subscribing to our various newsletters. 

We also have a great network of volunteers, from the chapter leaders of the various meetup groups, to the judges for the for annual achievement awards, and the central team that support me on many other tasks and plans.

This is truly a community for the people, run by the people, and it makes me so proud to be part of it.

I want to thank you all for being part of the community and ask that you share with you friends and colleagues and help us make this the best and biggest AI community. 

Business Focus – AI & Robotics Events (AIR.Events)

Our journey to support businesses wanting to learn more about AI has really started with our acquisition of the AI events company run by CBM. These events include regular Directors’ Forums events, hosted by Gallup in the Shard, our next event is on the 27th June focused on AI & CX Transforming Financial Services. We then have AI Transforming Retail and Customer Data on the 17th July. 

As part of this acquisition we will also be running the AI & Robotics Main Event Conference on the 4th October. 

To support businesses further, we will be organising Roundtable Workshops and Dinners. 

Please visit our site AIR.Events

If your business would like to be involved with these events in any way, please contact us via air@informed.ai or visit our website.


into.AI is the main portal for individuals, providing useful information and news on AI, and links to all our other mini-sites. 

We want to thank everyone for their continued involvement. We are always looking for contributors, to submit stories, press releases and thought leadership articles. Sharing your news and thoughts is all part what this ecosystems is designed for, so please don’t hesitate to submit your news on our platform. 

We are now also creating our own unique stories, articles and papers, which we hope you will enjoy. This exclusive content will also be shared as part of our newsletters.

We have a regular spotlight for those AI companies / startups that want to showcase their new products to the community. Totally free method of promoting yourselves. We have also featured individuals who have authored books for example. 


One of our newest sites is Shared.AI, this is a simply site that allows individuals and companies to submit a range of different AI related information, from links to companies and products to news and press releases. This allows a single place to submit useful information that will be shared across our network. It also has a blog of the most recently submitted items.




The AI Awards, have been a huge success on a global scale, we have already awarded over 60 winners of the AI Awards. Having now entered our third year, we are making it a much bigger programme of events throughout the year. Currently still open for nominations, across 60+ categories of awards, the judging and showcases will occurring in the coming months at various locations, with the awards ceremony happening in late November / early December. 

The Awards are still open for nominations, visit Awards.AI to submit your nomination before 1st July.

This is the Oscars of the AI tech world, the only independent AI Awards. 

Neurons.AI and Chapters.Neurons.AI

We continue to grow our Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers call Neurons. This is a mix of both online and offline interactions, with meetups, forums, user blogs and messaging. This platform allows us to facilitate the knowledge sharing between organisations, allowing us all to benefit from the open developments of this field. 

We have just launched a new online portal for Neurons.AI and will be combining the chapters site into it very soon. This update will allow us to add more functionality over the coming weeks and months.

We have over twenty Chapters in 15 countries around the world, and continue to grow the number every month.

If you would like to lead a chapter in your City, please let us know.

Our next London meeting is on the 28th May … so please come along … https://Chapters.Neurons.AI/UK/London


Now listing over 200 AI related events, conferences, meetups, one-day events and webinars. With the largest list of discount codes for AI conferences in one place. It is the goto place to see what events are running. Many of the large conference organisers list there events on our site. 


We are actively looking to acquire a recruitment company to help us develop and grow our capability around our careers portal and jobs board. 


Our newly acquired AI & Robotics Conference will become the AI Showcase in 2020 and we will have two conferences one in London and another in Edinburgh.

In 2021 we will look to expand this to include an international conference.

Management Team & Advisory Board

We are starting the process of getting a management team and advisory board together. This is a critical part of our development as a group, allow us to increase our offerings and to make our products and services more advanced. This marks a new phase of maturity for us, and a significant change to our business structure and organisation.  

This will also allow me to transition more responsibility to a wider team and removing myself as a potential bottleneck. I can then focus on more advanced and new products and services while the team ensure the current platform is stable and continues to grow.

We are also actively looking to establish a global advisory board, if you are interested to join, please let us know via  our contact us page

Having a management team is combined with our strategy of growth by acquisition, with one acquisition already executed this year and two more planned. 


Our main challenge with this ecosystem, is that there is so much more we would do with the platform, given more time and resources.

We have a number of sponsorship opportunities across the platform, including the Awards, Neurons and our Events. If you would like your company to be associated with the great work we are doing with this ecosystem, please contact us for more details. 

In addition we have a number of additional projects and sites in the planning stage which we will be launching in the coming months, which will add new capabilities to our portfolio of sites.

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for more help and support from volunteers. 

We need more chapter leaders, and co-leads for each chapter, with additional support for each too.

Much more help on content for many of our sites, from blogs to structured updates on specific sites. We really need alot of help here. Please contact us to find our more.

Partners & Sponsors 

Partnerships, Sponsorships and Business Development are all areas we need to extend and develop over the coming months. We would appreciate any help from people who believe they can contribute to these areas for us.

We Value your Support Feedback and Comments

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as we want to make sure we are delivering useful sites and functionality. The best way to do this is email us at talk@into.AI

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

From the Informed AI Team

Our group of websites includes:









Our social media:







We also have facebook pages and our Informed.AI LinkedIn page.

With thanks 


Prof Andy Pardoe

Founder of the Informed.AI Group



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