Our range of Products will help accelerate your adoption of AI

Our products facilitate the use of advanced artificial intelligence for both Business and Consumer applications across multiple Industry sectors

MYME Digital Assistant

MYME Shopalytics

MYME BrandMentor

Behavioural AI Personal Digital Assistant has a 360-degree view of any problem and can detect changes in markets early to offer genuine competitive advantage.

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introducing Consumers to Brands based on behaviours and choices


helping companies get the most from their current customer base


Wisdom Locate

The advent of ChatGPT has changed things for all brands and retailers

  • Chat GPT is now part of Bing and Google’s fabric
  • In a very short time consumers have become used to augmented, more interactive search and chat
  • Better search means less clicks and more sales
  • Brands and retailers who do not offer augmented search and chat risk being left behind
  • Wisdom Locate – a total solution to enhance the experience of your users, including;
    • Fast accurate search
    • Cognitive search ability
    • Conversational AI

Biz Auto Pilot

The innovative Business Factory platform will leverage state-of-the-art technologies including conversational AI, predictive machine learning, data analytics, automation, process workflow management and API integrations to streamline the process of starting and running a business. By reducing human effort in the creation and operation phases, entrepreneurs can focus on strategy and growth, while Business Factory manages the day-to-day tasks. This will not only be useful for entrepreneurs looking to launch new businesses, but for company leaders looking to automate and streamline existing operations or functions.

Key features of the Business Factory platform include:

  • Comprehensive Business Creation Assistance
  • End-to-End Automation
  • AI-Powered Monitoring and Management
  • Adaptive Sales & Marketing
  • Seamless API Integrations

Coming Soon

UK Digital Incubator

Our vision for this platform, is to both manage innovation across the UK, from initial university-based projects or internships to spin-outs and early-stage start-ups, together with regional and corporate innovation initiatives; but also, to help accelerate the success of innovation by creating a UK based digital innovation ecosystem and support network for UK innovation founders.

The application manages, coordinates, and automates many of the activities that are currently done manually at the moment, throughout the innovation process. We use the latest AI/ML technologies (including federated learning) to facilitate the various matching tasks needed (student profile & interests, projects, mentors, advisors, co-founders), various recommendations (training materials, programmes), and start-up to investor matching.

We have launched the first version of the system as a pilot with one of the top UK universities and will look to rollout to several of the others in the next month or so, ready for the next academic year. As part of this rollout, we will onboard many of the top companies that recruit from these universities to help them promote their internships.