Informed AI Group – 5th Anniversary

by | 1 Jun, 2020

Celebrating Five Years of the Informed.AI Group

Press Release: 1st June 2020 6pm BST

We are pleased to announce our fifth anniversary. What is now the Informed.AI Group, under the brand of Neurons.AI and Awards.AI was started back in May 2015. We have undergone a number of expansions and transformation over that past 5 years, the most recent has only just been completed (more on that later), but we started with just one site as a directory of useful information, called This quickly expanded to add our Events and Awards sites.

We then added our online members platform, Neurons.AI and started the journey of added in person meet-ups, creating a network of groups all around the world.

Last year, we added AI and Robotics Events & Conferences to our Informed AI family, running a number of Director Forum One Day Events, A round table and an amazing AI & Robotics Conference last October.

We have always been true to our mission of adding more and more services and activities that support the knowledge sharing on artificial intelligence. Building a global community of people interested in learn more about AI.

Like many events companies this year, we have had to rethink our meet-ups and events strategy with the impact of Covid-19, and will be launching a number of online only events in the second half of this year.

Our Awards, have grown bigger and bigger each year. Now in its 5th Awards, and nominations still open until the 31st July, we will also be reverting to an online announcement of winners in Nov/Dec.


The AI Awards, have been a huge success on a global scale, we have already awarded over 120 winners of the AI Awards. (See the Awards Hall of Fame) Now in our 5th year  we are currently still open for nominations, across 60+ categories of awards, the judging will occurring in the coming months with the online awards ceremony happening in late November / early December.

This is the Oscars of the AI tech world, the only independent AI Awards.


We have now consolidated a number of our separate websites into the Neurons.AI brand. Now into.AI has been moved to main site of Neurons. The Neurons member site, is now accessible from Our Events.AI site that listed many of the AI meetups, events and conferences is now moved to

Our AI & Robotics Events and Conference have moved to and

Our Career Portal, previously called Vocation.AI is now at

We continue to grow our Professional Network for AI Practitioners and Researchers call Neurons. This is a mix of both online and offline interactions, with meetups, forums, user blogs and messaging. This platform allows us to facilitate the knowledge sharing between organisations, allowing us all to benefit from the open developments of this field.

The AI Future Show

Founder Professor Andy Pardoe is launching his AI Future Show later this month, this will focus on a number of themes and topics to support the sharing of knowledge about the latest products and approaches.

  • AI Now & Next – The Now and Next Series covers a variety of AI topics, with one eye on the future. Both technical and business subjects will be discussed.
  • AI Showcases – With an Industry and Sector perspective on AI use cases and challenges.
  • AI Spotlights – Vendor and Technology spotlights, discussions with the vendor companies and their users. This gives great insight into the latest capabilities.
  • Ventures – Cover some of the most innovative Deep Tech and AI startups from the UK and from around the globe, but also discussions on the Startup landscape, startup challenges and opportunities.
  • Academy – Covering a range of skills and career development topics, personal and business coaching and mentoring
  • Dev Mgr – Specific theme on technical leadership, career development, mentoring and how the profession is changing

For more information and to get links to your favourite podcast platforms visit https://Pardoe.AI/Show

We Value your Support Feedback and Comments

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, as we want to make sure we are delivering useful sites and functionality. The best way to do this is email us at talk@into.AI

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

From the Informed AI Team

Our group of websites includes:



https://Informed.AI (company website)

Our social media:


With thanks


Prof Andy Pardoe

Founder of the Informed.AI Group



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