Our Story

The Search for Artificial Intelligence Excellence

“Our belief is that artificial intelligence will be the ultimate empowerment of humanity.”

Born to Educate

Founded in 2015 the Informed AI Group created a knowledge portal, originally called homeAI.info, it grew rapidly and soon had a global following.  We launched a number of microsites to focus on specific information, such as Events. We also started our Annual Global Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence.

Empowered by our Community

Between 2016 and 2019 our Community continued to grow. We launched our members’ platform called Neurons and had a global network of over 30 meetup groups around the world. Early in 2019 we purchased our first acquisition, an events company, and ran a number of one-day industry-specific forum events and an AI & Robotics Conference.

Inspired to Innovate

In 2018 we started our Ventures business to help support the founders of AI startups. Now in 2021, we have our own consultancy and looking to create a technology platform to accelerate the creation of advancements in Artificial Intelligence. We also rebranded as the Wisdom Group and will focus on a number of key industry sectors, including Medical, Financial, and Retail.

2015 - Born to Educate

Our original Manifesto was focused on our passion to help share knowledge and inform people about Artificial Intelligence

The manifesto of our network is to provide an extensive list of information resources for Artificial Intelligence. We want our network of websites on AI to be a great starting point for people wanting to learn more about the field of Artificial Intelligence.

From novices who are just wanted to learn more about AI, to hobbyists looking to use the various tools and software available, to students, teachers and academics who are studying and researching the field, and finally to professional practitioners and developers who are building systems and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning..

  • To become the most comprehensive and independent home for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning information, providing knowledge and educational resources.
  • To provide a community platform that everyone interested in Artificial Intelligence can benefit, from novice to expert.
  • To constantly update the services and activities we provide to deliver the world leading knowledge platform for AI

2016 to 2019 - Empowered by our Community

Our Community engagement and support has always encouraged and motivated us to grow our services

We have a fantastic team of volunteers helping to grow this network, and we get more volunteering each week, which should the power and enthusiasm for this platform and ecosystem. We have a central team of helpers and advisors plus chapter leaders and awards judges. We are always looking for more people to join the team.

This platform would not exist without the help and support of our volunteers and we are all very grateful for their hard work and time committed to this ecosystem,

We also thank all the speakers we have had share their knowledge and experience with our community of the years, as they are truly what makes this network so wonderful..

2018 to 2021 - Inspired to Innovate

Helping to create AI innovations across a number of industry sectors as well as building the next generation of AI Platforms

We have dedicated our efforts to help build a number of innovative AI startups. Supporting the founders with a range of services, from general mentoring and coaching, specific business and growth advisory, investment preparation, to technical support. We have built up a strong portfolio of AI startups operating across a number of different industry sectors, with a particular focus on medical, retail, and financial services.

As a group we are now concentrating on the development of the next generation of AI Platform, that will provide a range of benefits to both the AI vendors and their clients. This will provide a number of key innovations around data science workflow, model ethics & governance as well as new paradigms for federated and transfer learning mechanisms that will provide a new approach to online adaptive models.