Top 10 Challenges for Scaled AI

Our technology division is focused on delivering a wide range of digital transformation capabilities to our clients, from automation, cloud adoption, data analytics and of course artificial intelligence.

Vendor Agnostic

We partner with a wide range of technology vendors

We always look for the best aligned technology for each client requirement, which means we partner with a wide range of technology vendors, so we can recommend the most appropriate solution.

Bespoke Build

We provide bespoke development and integration teams.

While core systems and applications can come from third-party vendor products, there is often a need for additional bespoke development and integration work to make all of your systems work seamlessly together. We can provide the skills and capabilities to ensure all your systems and applications work efficiently together.

The Wise AI Platform

Our own AI Platform allows us to deliver data analytics and predictive insights quicker.

For some projects, we can leverage our own AI Platform to deliver data analytics and predictive insights on various business functions, from customer support to predictive maintenance.

Our AI Platform is focused on delivering the best in class Data Science, ML Ops and Scaled AI tools and frameworks, in a way that can be configured to suit your own IT department.

Wise Owl - DSaaS

Data Science as a Service

Leveraging a Data Science ‘as a Service’ allows the benefits of Machine Learning to be explored and the business value to be determined at the fraction of the cost of building out a full-time internal Data Science Team.

Our flexible service allows you to gradually build up the focus on ML use-cases as the initial benefits become realised. Once you are ready to commit resources to your own initial Data Science team, we can assist with the transition including skills training, to ensure a smooth handover.

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