How Artificial Intelligence has been help in the flight against Covid

Our mission is to facilitate the use of advanced artificial intelligence in the Medical, Retail & Financial Services sectors

Medical & Healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic has put digital health and the use of AI and machine learning to help solve many healthcare problems front and center. We see many applications of AI from operating theatre efficiency and smart hospitals, to drug discovery and repurposing, and personalised monitoring and medicines. We are only starting to see how AI will revolutionize the Medical field.

We are developing a number of our own novel AI-driven applications in the medical and digital health area, as well as helping a number of our medtech startup portfolio develop and expand their own products.

Retail & Consumer Products

The retail sector has experienced major stress in the last year which has produced the need for the rapid adoption of digital transformation technologies to ensure businesses can still operate. Intelligent automation for supply chain management, back-office operations, and customer service support has seen huge adoption demand. Moving workflow to automated processes can free resources to deal with more complex and urgent work.

Working with businesses across the retail & consumer products sector, supporting the innovative application of AI to provide a competitive advantage, improve supply chain operations and help with environmental, social, and governance initiatives. 

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising is prime for disruption from technical innovation. We have already seen major changes to the delivery of marketing and advertising since the creation of the internet. The digital transformation of businesses has driven more activity onto digital platforms over the last 10 years. 

The next wave of innovation will be from the application of intelligence analytics, personalisation of content, and the use of emotional and behavioral factors to inform campaign decision-making. Chatbots and intelligent agents will be key technologies enabling this sector disruption.

Financial Services & Insurance

From Challenger Banks to FinTechs the technology-driven disruption occurring in this sector is significant and having the latest functional intelligent capabilities can provide a needed competitive advantage. For more established banks, managing their legacy technology estate as well as innovating can be even more challenging.

Currently supporting a number of FinTech and InsurTech companies with the application of AI to deliver unique services and competitive advantage to their customers. We also provide Scaled AI consultancy & delivery to established banks, private wealth management, and hedge fund firms.

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