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Digitally Focused

On AI adoption at Scale

We help you harness the power of artificial intelligence technologies to disrupt your industry and deliver a sustainable competitive edge at scale.

Tech Consulting

Our Technology Consultancy covers everything from Vision & Strategy to Delivery & Support and everything inbetween. We focus on helping clients benefit from the application of intelligent platforms and solutions.

Vision & Strategy

Process & Control

Scaled Delivery & Support

Industry Sectors

We support clients across a wide range of industry sectors but have a particular focus on three industries at the moment; Medical, Retail & Financial Services.


Medical & Healthcare

Retail & Consumer Products

Financial Services & Insurance

Startup Ventures

We work with the best AI Deep Tech Founders across the world to help them accelerate their business success and to benefit from our global community and ecosystem



Partners & Advisors

Emergent Technology Empowerment is the fusion of People, Platform, Process & Perspective

People, Platform, Process & Perspective are four important aspects of delivering successful digital transformation projects. 

Our Four P’s delivery framework provides the guiderails which we follow throughout the implementation phase of any digitial transformation project. This recognises that any change programme requires much more that just the technology solution. We must factor in how the changes work within the operational process workflows, reflect on the functional requirements of the those actually using the systems and applications, and appreciate the cultural impact on the teams and users of deploying intelligent solutions into the working environment.


We believe that successful technology projects are only achieved with the fusion of People, Platform, Process & Perspective. The People element represents the the skills and knowledge of the team delivery the transformation projects. The Platform element relates to the careful selection of the tools, frameworks and platforms used to produce the solution. The Process element define the way the solution is implemented and how it works. The Perspective element is the most important and refers to understanding the Customers perspective in terms of functional requirements.

AI Discovery Workshop

Having a vision & strategy is good place to start, but delivery excellence is what will realise the benefits of intelligent solutions to your business. Our discovery workshop is a great way to start your AI adoption journey.

Your company might be new to AI but you are intrigued in how the technology might transform your business, taking it to new highs of performance and success. Well this Workshop is perfect for you. We will showcase the different areas within a business that can benefit from the application of AI, plus we will give a number of real industry case-studies to demonstrate how others have successfully used the technology. We will also provide high level guide for the implementation approaches available to you.

Let’s create something extraordinary


Digitally Focused

On AI adoption
at Scale

from Vision to Realised Benefits

Having a vision & strategy is good place to start, but delivery excellence is what will realise the benefits of intelligent solutions to your business. Let us help you on your AI adoption journey by starting with our discovery workshop.

Regardless of the stage of your digital transformation and adoption of intelligent technologies, we can support you to realise your strategy and maximise the full range of benefits to your business. From early innovation use-cases to full scale organizational deployment of AI across the value-chain, both front-office customer experience as well as back-office operational efficiencies, we can ensure you deal with all of the challenges, from technical to people, process and governance.

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