Wisdom – AI Innovation is in our DNA

Market leading top 100 global AI company

Led by two Professors of AI & Machine Learning recognized in the global top 50 of AI Leaders

Different approach to AI & AGI through our proprietary Behavioural AI Federated Learning technology

Our AI solutions for businesses operate in Retail, Financial Services, Legal and Medical

We are the first AI business capable of developing innovative and disruptive
products & services driven by the most advanced AI Capabilities

The opportunity that AI & AGI offers

New solutions to challenges in human life from new cancer drugs, to protecting the environment, to energy efficiency or offering greater access to all for finance, these are the likely benefits of AI and AGI

Simply put, the impact of AI and AGI cannot be underestimated

For businesses and investors, understanding AGI is hugely important, because the pace of change means AI and AGI will have vastly different capabilities in the next two years

That means the benefits for business, consumers, governments, indeed everyone, will also be vastly different during this time

Early mover advantage is material, and indeed vital, for both businesses and investors

The Wisdom Team can be your guide to these advances and importantly, these opportunities


What we can offer your Business

→ The opportunity to create real and lasting Competitive Advantage

→ An understanding of how to get the best from AI now and in the future

→ Bespoke, behavioural AI/ AGI solutions for individual sectors, key industry issues and for business leaders and their Boards

→ AI/ AGI led data insights creating predictive analytics – personalised to your company’s individual requirements

→ An AI powered connected approach to decision making across your organisation

→ This includes understanding where AI & AGI can help you improve processes, reduce costs and ensure your company is more productive, efficient and profitable

→ We explain AI and help you to understand how to get the most from AI to benefit your business for today, and tomorrow


Let’s create something extraordinary


Digitally Focused

On AI adoption
at Scale

Our Awards

Wisdom is a multi award winning AI company. Recognised over the last couple of years by multiple organisations. Our founder has also been listed by IBM Watson as a Top 30 Global AI Influencer and a finalist of the 2023 Technology Entrepreneur of the Year from the British Entrepreneur Awards.


IT Awards – Best AI Business Advisory 2023

50 Thought Leading Companies on Artificial Intelligence for 2023

FinTech Awards Winner of Best Emerging Technology Products & Consultancy Firm UK 2022

Emergent Technology Empowerment is the fusion of People, Platform, Process & Perspective

People, Platform, Process & Perspective are four important aspects of delivering successful digital transformation projects. 

Our Four P’s delivery framework provides the guiderails which we follow throughout the implementation phase of any digitial transformation project. This recognises that any change programme requires much more that just the technology solution. We must factor in how the changes work within the operational process workflows, reflect on the functional requirements of the those actually using the systems and applications, and appreciate the cultural impact on the teams and users of deploying intelligent solutions into the working environment.


We believe that successful technology projects are only achieved with the fusion of People, Platform, Process & Perspective. The People element represents the the skills and knowledge of the team delivery the transformation projects. The Platform element relates to the careful selection of the tools, frameworks and platforms used to produce the solution. The Process element define the way the solution is implemented and how it works. The Perspective element is the most important and refers to understanding the Customers perspective in terms of functional requirements.

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