AI Discovery Workshop

discover the benefits of Artificial Intelligence applied across your organisation

We help you harness the power of advanced intelligent technologies to disrupt your industry and deliver a sustainable competitive edge.

Regardless of the stage of your digital transformation and adoption of intelligent technologies, we can support you to realise your strategy and maximise the full range of benefits to your business. From early innovation use-cases to full scale organizational deployment of AI across the value-chain, both front-office customer experience as well as back-office operational efficiencies, we can ensure you deal with all of the challenges, from technical to people, process and governance.

Why do you need AI?

Delivering Operational Efficiencies and Creating New Opportunities

Over the last 5 to 10 years, the application of artificial intelligence has moved into the mainstream. Over the last two years with the Covid pandemic, many businesses have seen the benefits of using intelligent technologies. This has been compounded by major advances with the technology recently which have delivered amazing capabilities to all areas of the value-chain for organisations. More and more organisations are using AI to provide operational efficiencies, improved accuracy in processing and to deliver new products and services to their customers. Without AI your business will be left behind your competitors who are leveraging these advanced technologies.

Areas where AI can provide significant benefits

  1. Customer Service & Support
  2. Sales & Marketing Activities
  3. Business Intelligence & Decision Making
  4. Back-office Operations
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. New Products & Services


AI Strategy + Scaled Execution

Success is a combination of Strategy and Skilled Execution

Defining how you wish to leverage the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence across your organisation is important to determine before you get too immersed in the details of building various proof-of-concepts. Ensuring the use of AI aligns with both your business and technology strategy will greatly improve delivery success.

We have supported clients with AI strategies, highlighting areas of innovation for differentiation, as well as defining technology roadmaps for AI adoption.

Having an AI Strategy is only the first step. To really achieve the benefits you will need skilled execution to implement AI technologies within your current technology infrastructure.

Top 10 Challenges for AI Adoption

  1. Conflicts between IT Departments & Data Science Teams (sometimes the Data Science work is done initially within the business lines / business users)
  2. Scaling AI Challenges with Multiple Data Science Teams
  3. Middle Management Fighting over ownership of Data Science
  4. Business Users not trusting the technology (taking 6 months to approve)
  5. Confusion with the number of vendors / products / tools and platforms
  6. Data Bias & Ethical Issues slowing acceptance and adoption
  7. Correctly defining the Governance model for monitoring and control
  8. Changes in Culture and Organisational Structure needed across the organisation with the democratisation of data (information & knowledge)
  9. Need to train existing teams to better understand how AI/ML works
  10. Need for a top-level Vision and Strategy for how the business will become AI First

Who is this Workshop for?

Anyone who is looking to accelerate their adoption of AI technologies

New to AI

Your company might be new to AI but you are intrigued in how the technology might transform your business, taking it to new highs of performance and success. Well this Workshop is perfect for you. We will showcase the different areas within a business that can benefit from the application of AI, plus we will give a number of real industry case-studies to demonstrate how others have successfully used the technology. We will also provide high level guide for the implementation approaches available to you.

Continued Adoption

Many companies start the process of adopting AI, but face challenges along the way, which make realising the benefits more difficult than it should be. We understand these challenges, which vary depending on the stage of the AI adoption journey you are at. We can use the workshop to explore these challenges and to help uncover various approaches to manage and mitigate them, allowing you to accelerate your adoption and scale the deployment across your firm.

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Details of the Workshop

Our AI Discovery Workshops last 2 hours and are very interactive, with the aim to uncover the ways in which you are or can use AI, but also the challenges you might face as you deploy at scale.

To help us arrange, please provide us information on the size of the group, and potential dates / times when you would like the workshop scheduled.