Event – 10th June 10am – Data Insights: Setting the Data Strategy with Microsoft UK – How to build a data-first culture with Sophie Gray

by | 9 Jun, 2021

On the 10th June, Sophie Gray, Director of Data & AI within Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit will be giving a keynote talk on the importance of a data-first culture followed by a fireside chat with myself on the practical approaches to building a data-first culture.

This event is hosted by the National Innovation Centre for Data and is part of their Data Insights series. You can find the link to register for the event at the bottom of this article.

I was lucky to speak with Sophie prior to the event to get an insight into the topics that will be discussed on the day. She initially joined the Microsoft Dynamics team but with the explosion of data and the growth of the MS Azure business, she followed her passion for business value and moved into the Cloud division where she now leads the AI Cloud solution architecture functions for the UK customer success unit.

Register here – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/data-insights-setting-strategy-microsoft-uk-how-build-pardoe/ 

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