CEO Annual Statement – 2021

by | 20 Dec, 2021

Outstanding performance across all divisions, rapid growth of both revenues and number of clients. Our focus remains on AI based innovation driven disruption to provide sustained differentiated competitor advantage for our clients and our own products and services.

Annual Statement

2021 has been a challenging year for us all. The environment has made it difficult from a customer acquisition perspective, with business development lead-times being longer than normal. However, for our business, this year has been a record performing year across all three divisions of the company, both in terms of revenue and client numbers.

From a people perspective, our team has grown significantly over 2021. With additions across all divisions, from senior leadership to our development teams. We have plans to add more resources to our central team in early 2022 that will help accelerate the growth of our consulting and ventures businesses.

Our acquisitions strategy remains in place, with additional product assets being added to our technology platforms both this year, with targets identified for next year.

Like many businesses, due to the pandemic, our go-to-market activities have been put on hold or adapted for the new ways of working. These changes have including delays to our conference and awards ceremonies. We anticipate re-introducing them back during the period 2022/3. As part of our adaption, we launched a new media channel, the AI FUTURE SHOW podcast, which has been increasing in its popularity.

Consulting Division

Our consulting division has tripled its revenues this year, with a mix of both strategic consulting and delivery work. Our client alignment has remained across the industry sectors of financial services, retail and medical. While these three industries have been our core focus for 2021, we will be looking to extend into other sectors in 2022 and 2023 as part of expansion plans.

We will be hiring key resources in 2022 to help expand this division, both on the sales and delivery sides of the business. We are very excited by the opportunities we see for this division over the next 3 to 5 years, and we believe this division is a key part of our overall group strategy.

Ventures Division

Our ventures division has doubled revenues, year on year, with our product offerings now proving to be well aligned with the market demand. We are increasing our portfolio of AI and Deep Tech clients.

Our mix of business and technical support to our venture clients is proving to be popular with many of our clients, together with our support around fundraising activities. We are developing significant improvements to our sales funnels, which we believe will dramatically increase our revenues and client base in 2022.

We see great long-term opportunities with this division. We will be raising our own fund next year, to allow us to co-invest in our portfolio of startups. By 2025 we should be in a position to lead funding rounds and to heavily invest in the innovation entrepreneurs we see aligning well with our own innovation activities.

Works Division

Our Works division has added a number of key roles into the team this year allowing us to not only deliver client projects, but to invest in our own innovation projects. Our Wisdom Labs UK has been establish in Q4 2021 and we are very much looking forward to seeing significant project based deliverables in the first half of 2022.

As part of our Unicorn Factory, we have two spin-out businesses developing in stealth at the moment, both of which are due to be funded in the first half of 2022. We are starting the process of discovery for our next candidates, which our labs activities are helping to inform.


Let us Help

At Wisdom Works, we can help with you position your AI project portfolio, highlighting the portfolio benefits and properly priorities the projects against business value and consolidated return on investment metrics. We can also collaborate with a number of Platform Partners who are willing to invest in PoC / PoV work to help showcase their platform to our clients, we can therefore help you work on an initial project to help build knowledge and expertise while working on your overall AI Strategy and list of use-cases to improve the portfolio effect for return on investment.

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